Tuesday, 3 April 2012

1984 Looks Like This

George Orwell’s enigmatic novel ‘1984,’ first published in 1949, got the world thinking; was this a prophecy, or simply science fiction? First written not so much as a prediction for the future, but as a topical fiction story, Orwell’s prophetic tale has turned out to be chillingly relevant to every generation since its publication. The current exhibition ‘1984 Looks Like This’ at Salford Art Gallery centres on the story of ‘1984,’ as well as the photography of David Dunnico, who as an artist has occupied himself with issues surrounding surveillance, as well as the unnerving relevance of Orwell’s novel to today’s society. This exhibition offers a collection of work by Dunnico, as well as his impressive collection of copies of ‘1984’ and related ephemera, showcasing not only the changing covers of the book but also its consistent relevancy to our modern culture.
Image courtesy David Dunnico Exhibition Catalogue, Salford Art Gallery Website

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