Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cotton: Global Threads at The Whitworth, Manchester

Cotton. You’re probably wearing it now. You probably sleep on it every night. The sheer abundance of this material all around us means it usually remains ignored and underappreciated. The cotton industry at one point had its largest export centres in places far and wide; for example India, but also surprisingly enough, Lancashire. The new exhibition at Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery is a celebration of all things cotton, including both traditional and contemporary uses, mixed media pieces and installations, but most of all a well deserved celebration of the stuff. ‘Cotton: Global threads’ is an exhibition designed to amalgamate the cultural diversities of these fine threads and fabrics in a showcase of international talent and multiplicity.
Cotton: Global Threads is on at Manchester's Whitworth Gallery until 13th May.

Image: Anne Wilson, Local Industry Cloth

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